About Whispering Twenties

Welcome to Whispering Twenties! Whispering Twenties is about celebrating normality. It’s about not being the uber-chic corporate goddess, or the acai bowl fitness queen. It’s about sometimes lying to MyFitnessPal and asking the important “does my bun look messy-messy or on-purpose-messy” questions.

My name is Emmy and I am an unassuming, normal 20 something. I have a flat, five pets, a fiance and all my shoes are scuffed because I have two left feet. Whispering Twenties (because my twenties are certainly not roaring) is a lifestyle blog, insomuch as it’s an honest view into my lifestyle.

I live in Manchester, I do crossfit, I try to cook from fresh most nights & I love to dream and plan new trips away.

On this blog you’ll see posts about:

  • Vegetarian & vegan cooking
  • Healthy living
  • Cruelty free beauty
  • Travel
  • Self-improvement
  • Self-love
  • Fitness
  • Weddings

You can find me on twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.