Six Steps To Loving Yourself

By on April 26, 2017

6 steps to loving yourself

Most women will have a similar story about not loving themselves. It starts with the first time they realise their body isn’t “ideal”. That they didn’t have a thigh gap or they didn’t have curves or they were too skinny, too fat, stretchmarks, acne, muffin tops…

I first remember being deeply unhappy with my body at about 10. That’s when I realised that food could be an enemy – that the wrong things could make you fat. My family weren’t “into” nutrition – I didn’t know the dangers of too much sugar, or that vegetables really were good for me. I just knew that I was fat. It took a few more years, but gradually my relationship with disordered eating became all consuming.

I won’t go into details, but I’ve been there. I’ve binged, I’ve purged, I’ve starved myself, I’ve put myself through excessive cardio…I had a good few tricks up my sleeves. Now, at 23, I can finally say that I love my self. Yes, there are things I would change. Do I adore my stretchmarks? No. Do I wish my boobs weren’t different sizes? Yes. But does that mean I hate myself? Absolutely not.

It’s not easy, but you can absolutely change your thinking and start loving yourself. It takes dedication, and you’ll need to commit, but I never thought I could do it either.

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