How To Make Your CV Stand Out From The Crowd

April 29, 2017

how to make your CV stand out

A big complaint I hear from a lot of job seekers is that they feel like their CV isn’t getting looked at. They submit it to jobs, wait to hear back, and never do. How do you know that they’ve even seen what you have to offer?

An important thing to remember is that recruiters – both internal and agency – will often receive hundreds of CVs (not an exaggeration) and have very limited time in which to assess them. A lot of these applications will be from people who are completely inappropriate for the role and just eat into the already precious time. How can you combat this to ensure you get the best chance of success? Stand out.

Read on for my top tips for writing your CV!

Know your audience.
The first thing you need to know before you submit your CV is what the standard is in the sector you’re applying to. Creative jobs? Your creativity needs to shine on your CV. Technical jobs? Your knowledge needs to be the focus. Should a portfolio be attached? It’s worth having a quick google or reaching out to your network and finding out what’s expected.

Let your personality shine.
You can absolutely put a section on your CV about your hobbies and interests. It doesn’t need to be an essay but reserve a line for a bit about you. Interesting hobbies and experiences can make you stand out from a crowd of people with the same work experience as you. If you’ve done charity work or volunteered anywhere, emphasise this as part of your work experience.

Don’t use filler.
Your CV doesn’t need to tell the employer you’re a hard worker, have amazing work ethic, love working as a team…we know that you wouldn’t put it on your CV if you weren’t! The best way to get things across is by showing them! If you’re creative, mention things you’ve done that demonstrate that. If you love working as a team, talk about the times you’ve had to work as a team and your successes.

Tailor your CV every. single. time.
I don’t mean rewrite it for every job application, but make sure your experience is the most relevant by matching it up to the job description (without lying of course!). If one job requires more administration work than the other, make your administrative experience the focus on your career history. If the advert mentions that there’ll be plenty of tight deadlines, make sure your CV mentions times you have worked to and met deadlines.

The most simple tip, but the one often forgotten. Spellcheck. Use Grammarly. Have someone give it a read over. There are no excuses for misspelling your job title!

What are your top tips for CVs? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to leave me any questions you might have! Have you seen the first post in my job hunting series – How to Ace That Interview?

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