Before I’m 24.

March 7, 2017

Most people set their resolutions in January…get fit, eat healthier, find a boyfriend, get a pet dog. The usual New Years Resolutions.

Not me.

I’ve never been a believer in them – I know anything big enough to be perfect for a new year will probably fall to pieces by February. Give up chocolate? Not happening. Quit shopping? Never. Get a dog? Well, I can’t have one in my flat.

But for some reason, 23 feels big. Important. Maybe it’s because three is my lucky number. Maybe it’s because I’ve realized I’m secretly 80 years old inside already. 23 is going to be the year I set resolutions…with a bit of leeway of course.

The Rules:
1. One week grace period.
As I write this, I am ten days away from being 23. Hopefully, by the 27th March 2018, everything on this list will be checked off.
2. I can add to it throughout the year.
3. I’m going to have fun.

The List:
1. Start a blog – and use it regularly.
2. Become fluent in Spanish again.
3. Get married.
4. Pass my first year of university.
5. Stick to a hobby.
6. Get a 50kg snatch.
7. Read at least one book a month.
8. Watch every Tom Hanks film.
9. Build a sustainable wardrobe.
10. Go snorkeling.
11. Schedule at least one date night every month.
12. Try a new recipe every month.

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